[8 juin] Memory and the Past : Round Table / IMS-CESCM

Memory and the Past: Round Table

Date: 8 june 2018

Place: CESCM, salle Berger

Organised by:

  • Institute for Medieval Studies (University of Leeds)
  • Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale (Poitiers)




Catherine BattNarrative and Selfhood: Sacred and Secular

Harmony Dewez Framing Late-Medieval Administration and Accountability

Catherine KarkovMaterials and archives

10.15 Coffee


Vladimir Agrigoroaei – The Vernacular Bibles

Thomas SmithPapacy, Crusades and Manuscripts, c.1100-c.1250

Estelle Ingrand-VarenneHoly Land Epigraphy

12.00 Lunch


Iona McCleery – Remembering meals in miracles and chronicles

Martin AurellSymbolical uses of sword

Axel MüllerMaterial Middle Ages: Materiality of Medieval Gunpowder Artillery

14.45 Coffee


Emilie KurdzielSecular Clergy in the City

Emilia JamroziakRemembering the past and making the future: medieval monasticism and modern historiography

Charles Garcia Castilian feudalism in modern historiography

16.15 General discussion

17.00 End


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