[19-20 april 2018] Southern France and the Latin East in the 13th Century: Crusade, Networks, and Exchanges

Southern France and the Latin East in the 13th Century:
Crusade, Networks, and Exchanges


Place: Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center

Presented by:

  • France-Stanford center for Disciplinary Studies
  • Center for Medieval and Early Studies at Stanford university
  • Centre d’études supérieures de civilisation médiévales at University of Poitiers

Co-sponsored by:

  • The Europe center
  • The Division of Literatures, Cultures, and languages
  • The Departement of History

Thursday 19 april

Levinthal Hall, Stanford Humanities Center


9-9:30 – Coffee Reception (Lobby)

9:30/9:45 – Intro : Amalia Kessler, Director of FSCIS (Stanford)

9:45/11:45 – Session 1

Moderator: Katherine Kong, (Independent Scholar)

Troubadour Crusading Networks in Song and Songbooks

  • 9:45/10:15 – Steve Nichols (Hopkins): “’De sai or de lai?’  Spiritual Ecology in Troubadour Crusade Literature”
  • 10:15/10:45 – Marisa Galvez (Stanford): “’Testimoni, Cavalier e Jocglar’: Raimbaut de Vaqueiras as Crusader-Poet and Songbook Networks”
  • 10:45/11:15 – Christopher Davis (Northwestern): “The Empire of Song: Lyric Mobility and Social Hierarchy in the ‘Chansonnier du Roi’”

11:15/11:45 – Discussion

12/1:45pm – Lunch (Board Room): Graduate Workshop

Moderator: Rowan Dorin (Stanford)

  • Nicolyna Enriquez (UCLA), “Medieval Connections: An Examination of a Fatimid Rock Crystal Ewer from the Treasury of Saint-Denis, Paris”
  • Richard Ibarra (UCLA): “Property Dispute and Crusaders in the Letters of Ivo of Chartres”
  • Padraic Rohan (Stanford): “Emperors No More: the Thirteenth-Century Sea Change from Constantinople to the Latin West”


2/3:30 – Session 2

Moderator: Alexander Key (Stanford)

Social Practices and Intercultural Exchanges

  • 2/2:30 – Stefan Vander Elst (UC San Diego):“Crusade as a War of Families in the First Quarter of the Thirteenth Century”
  • 2:30/3 – Martin Aurell (U Poitiers): “From historiography to myth: mixed marriage in the Holy Land”

3/3:30 – Discussion

Coffee break


4/5:45 – Session 3

Moderator: Francisco Prado-Vilar (Harvard)

Outremer Courts

  • 4/4:30 – Nicholas Paul (Fordham): “Cortezia and the Haute cour: Occitan Culture and the Shaping of Aristocratic Space in the Latin East”
  • 4:30/5 – Justine Andrews (U New Mexico):  “Lusignan Cyprus: Image and Architecture between France and the Levant”
  • 5/5:45 – Discussion and Concluding Response (Rowan Dorin)


7 pm – Dinner at Spalti in Palo Alto for Conference Participants

Friday 20 april


8:30/9 – Coffee

9/10:30 – Session 4

Moderator: Fiona Griffiths (Stanford)

Circulation and Borrowings

  • 9/9:30 – Nicolas Prouteau (U Poitiers), “Circulation and Borrowings between East and West in the Thirteenth Century : The case of Military Architecture”
  • 9:30/10 – Estelle Ingrand-Varenne (U Poitiers): “Holy Land Epigraphy in Comparison with Thirteenth-Century Inscriptions of Southern France”

10/10:30 – Discussion

  • 10:30/11:30 – Special Collections visit

11:30/1pm – Lunch


1/3 pm – Session 5

Moderator: Marisa Galvez (Stanford)

Modes of Transmission: Stories and Song

  • 1/1:30 –  Rachel Golden (U of Tennessee): “Gendered Grief, Disruptive Motion, and Reinvention in French Crusade Song”
  • 1:30/2 – Susan Noakes (U of Minnesota—Twin Cities): “Boccaccio’s Cyprus and Multi-Lingual Aspects of Mediterranean Trade Revealed in Song”
  • 2/2:30 – Lynn Ramey (Vanderbilt): “Storytelling on Crusade: Modeling Textual Transmission using a Video Game Engine”

2:30/3 – Discussion

3/3:30 – coffee break


3:30/5:30 – Session 6

Board room

Moderator: Marie-Pierre Ulloa (Stanford)

Theories of Translatio and Reception

  • 3:30/4 – Francisco Prado-Vilar (Harvard): “The Beauty and Pathos of Crusader Bodies: Art, Antiquity, and Eschatology from Bohemond to the Leper King”
  • 4/4:30 – Shirin Khanmohamadi (SFCU): “Saracens, Objects, and Translatio in the Crusade Cycle”
  • 4:30/5:30 – Discussion with Concluding Response by Jessica Goldberg (UCLA)


5:30/7pm (Lobby) – Closing reception





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