IMC 2018: Call for paper ‘Memory and Community’

IMC 2018: Call for paper ‘Memory and Community’

One of the way in which the medieval societies have been explored has been though the concept of community. Often very well-delineated such as monastic community, that of specific settlement, location, religious group, minority or one connected by other type of bonds. The ‘production’ of community, its evolution, inclusion and exclusion are important approaches to examine social dynamics.

In a series of interlinked sessions at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds between 2 and 5 July 2018, the CESCM Poitiers and IMS Leeds, who have just began formal cooperation, would like to explore some of the central problems of the intersection of the community and memory. In particular we welcome contributions focusing on 1000-1550 from any part of the broadly understood medieval Europe – focusing on any type of community within Christian, Jewish or Islamic context. Comparative perspectives are particularly encouraged as well as explicitly methodological reflections.

We want to invite participants from different stages of academic career (not restricted to the CESCM or IMS members). We particularly seek papers that explore one of the following issues:

  • Memorialization of communities in textual and visual forms.
  • Dynamics of memorialization.
  • Erasing, forgetting and excluding within the communal context
  • Community and contested memories


Please send us proposals (title + 250 words outline of your paper + your current affiliation) by 15 September to us e-mail:

Estelle INGRAND-VARENNE (Poitiers)

Martin AURELL (Poitiers)

Emilia JAMROZIAK (Leeds)

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