[4-5 may 2017] Categorising the Church: Debates about Religious Communities in the Carolingian World

Categorising the Church: Debates about Religious Communities in the Carolingian World

International Workshop, 4-5 May 2017

SFB VISCOM and Centre d’Études Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale – CESCM (Université de Poitiers-CNRS)

IMAFO (ÖAW), Seminar room 01.49
Hollandstraße 11-13, 1st floor
1020 Vienna

organized by Rutger Kramer und Graeme Ward

 See the programm HERE

THURSDAY, 4 May 2017

ÖAW, Hollandstr. 11-13

1000 Introduction and Welcome
Sebastian Scholz (Zurich) : The Organisation of the Clergy and the
canonici” in the 6th Century
Brigitte Meijns (Leuven) : Aut monachi, aut canonici? The Aachen Reform Measures and their Impact on the Religious Communities in the Carolingian Empire
Charles Mériaux (Lille) : The Monastic Reforms of 816-819 after Josef Semmler
1230 Lunch
1400 Discussion of Precirculated Papers I: INITIATIVES & IMPACT
Stephen Ling (Leicester) : ‘Superior to the canonical, but inferior to the monastic’: Monks, Canons, and Alcuin’s Third Order – The Problem of Defining Canons and Monks in the 8th and 9th Centuries
Sören Kaschke (Cologne) : Pick and Choose? Local Reception of Reform in Light of Capitulary Collections
1500 coffee
1515 Discussion of Precirculated Papers II: ADAPTATION & EXAPTATION
Veronika Wieser (Vienna) : ‘No one comes to the Father except through me’: Church Fathers in the Institutio Canonicorum and Beyond
 Cinzia Grifoni (Vienna) : Sententia legis? Bishops Teaching and Bishops Taught in Hrabanus Maurus’s De institutione clericorum
 Graeme Ward (Vienna) : Amalarius, Ademar, and Institutio Canonicorum
1645 coffee
1700 Discussion of Precirculated Papers III: REACTIONS & RESPONSES
Johanna Jeb (Tübingen) : Tracing the una regula – Discussions about Monasticism in Carolingian scriptoria
 Ingrid Rembold (Oxford) : The ‘Apostates’ of St-Denis: Monks, Canons, and the Limits of Carolingian Reform
1900 Workshop dinner for invited guests


FRIDAY, 5 May 2017

ÖAW, Hollandstr. 11-13

Emilie Kurdziel (Poitiers) : Redefining ordines , Redefining Lives: Reforming the ecclesia through the Law (780s-819)
Cécile Treffort (Poitiers) : L’Adoption de la Règle de Saint Benoît dans le Nord du Royaume Carolingien d’Aquitaine (fin VIIIe-première moitié IXe siècle)
Clemens Gantner (Vienna) : A Non-Existent Centre? Rome as an Exemplary Episcopal Community
1100 coffee
1130As Within, So Without: CONTRAST & CONFORMITY
Valentina Toneatto (Rennes) : The Question(s) of Monastic Property
Rutger Kramer (Vienna) : Distinguished Gentle Men?
Gender and Authority in the Institutio Canonicorum
1230 Lunch
Miriam Czock (Duisburg-Essen) : Conceptual Diversity of Sacred Space? Churches and Monasteries in the Carolingian World
Arthur Westwell (Cambridge) : Ordines, Orders and the Ordering of Liturgy between the ordo canonicus and the ordo monasticus
Jesse Billett (Toronto) : The 816 Liturgical Reforms, Hildemar’s Commentary on the Rule, and the Milanese Rite
1530 coffee
Summaries and Conclusions
Book Publication: Format, Contributions, Deadlines
1830 Workshop dinner for invited guest

Seminar room 49
Hollandstraße 11-13, 1st floor
Contact & information
+43 1 51581 / 7243

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